Bitcoin4a Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

The Following are Bitcoin4a’s Terms of Service:

1. Registration & Eligibility: By signing up to the Bitcoin4a service, you hereby acknowledge and accept these terms and agree to be bound by them.

2. Eligibility: You hereby affirm that you comply with the Bitcoin4a eligibility Terms.

2.A) You are a corporation, the corporation is legitimate, solvent, registered, and legally capable of entering into this Agreement.

2.B) Residence: You confirm you do not reside in any State, Municipality or country where the use of Escrow Services or Virtual Currency Transactions are prohibited.

2.C) Solvent: You are solvent and are not currently bankrupt or involved in a liquidation or debt arrangement and otherwise have not lost your ability to commit to these terms.

2.D) Authorized: You certify that you are authorized to enter into these terms on behalf of the registering corporation.

3. Authentication: If you choose to register to the Services, Bitcoin4a shall authenticate your identity using services at their disposal and may request additional authentication.

4. Security and integrity of account: Due to the sensitivity of information stored on your behalf and the potential risk of loss of revenues or virtual property, you may be required to store and be able to retrieve and supply back to Bitcoin4a a secret key* provided to you from Bitcoin4a.

*Please note that when you receive a private key or secret key from Bitcoin4a, you must keep it safe and available, as there will be no other way to access your account.

4.A) Sharing your login data: You are specifically prohibited from sharing your secret key and/or private keys with any 3rd party.

4.B) Notification: You are required to inform Bitcoin4a, immediately, in any case where you believe that your account was breached. You are required to Inform Bitcoin4a immediately if your private or secret keys have been compromised or stolen.

4.C) Bitcoin4a’ Liability: Bitcoin4a shall not be liable in any case where you did not adhere to our published security guidelines and will not be able to assist you if you ignore and not comply with Bitcoin4a’ documented best practices.

5. Sending or Receiving cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin4a may allow you to utilize the Multi-Signature feature in some cryptocurrencies in order to send or receive cryptocurrency; however, these transactions are between you and the transacting party, and Bitcoin4a is not a party to such transactions.

6. Solely Legal Transactions: You may only use Bitcoin4a’ services for legal and ethical transactions. While Bitcoin4a may monitor your transactions, you are fully responsible for and specifically prohibited from entering into any transaction which (i) involves the sale of illegal goods and/or services such as illegal/prohibited firearms or munitions, child pornography, illicit drugs, violent material or trafficking of people; (ii) involves the infringement of 3rd party rights, such as copyright and the right for privacy; (iii) involves illegal gambling or any other sort of financial fraudulent activity such as trading in binary options, pyramid schemes, multilevel marketing or similar activity; (iv) misleads consumers; (v) sells any pharmaceutical drugs without prescription or sells any homeopathic, “magic”, or other non-clinically proven medicine; (vi) is related to the funding of any terrorist or criminal organizations (as per USA, UN, and EU official lists).

7. Fees: Bitcoin4a charges a fee, as it sets forth in its service agreements. Such fees may be deducted in source from any transaction or be paid separately. Payment’s for services, are non-refundable.

8. Personal Information: Bitcoin4a retains personal information you provide such as your name, email address, your previous transactions, feedback and any other information provided by you.

A. Bitcoin4a also retains your IP address, messages sent between parties, carrier tracking numbers, public cryptocurrency addresses.

B. Access to your Information: Apart from Bitcoin4a’ employees, who are under strict confidentiality obligations no one has access to your personal or business details. Under no circumstances does Bitcoin4a share or divulge your information with third parties.

C. Bitcoin4a is obligated by law to provide information and cooperate with law enforcement agency to disclose information according to a court order or other legal obligations.

9. Indemnification: You hereby warrant and agree to hold Bitcoin4a harmless and to indemnify Bitcoin4a for any damage, loss, expense, legal expense or cost incurred as a result of: Your use of the Services in direct violation of these terms of service, including any false representation.

10. Availability: Bitcoin4a may disable the Bitcoin4a service from time to time for backups, maintenance or upgrades. In some extreme cases, where urgent maintenance is required, Bitcoin4a may disable the service immediately and without notice.

11. Amending these Terms: Bitcoin4a may amend these terms from time to time without any prior notice. Continued use of the service after amending these terms hereby acts as the party agreeing to these terms.

12. Governing Law, Jurisdiction: These terms shall be solely governed by the laws of the England and any dispute arising from it shall be solely brought to the competent courts of London.