South Korea is Expanding into Japan and Thailand.


Bitthumb one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is expanding their services into Japan and Thailand a spokes person for Bitthumb confirmed.
Bitthumb has been working hard the last few years to achieve their global expansion plan. It seems like they are moving forward. There is still a hefty amount of paperwork to complete and approval to obtain but Bitthumb is certain they will be issued the necessary licenses and permits to conduct business in both Japan and Thailand.
Bitthumb is the second largest Exchange in South Korea. With a turn over of $385 million every 24 hours. Bitthumb already has a subsidiary in Thailand called Butthumb Thailand Limited, the company has a registered capital of 3 million baht about $90,000. Service in Thailand are expected to begin in October 2018.
Japan legalized cryptocurrency’s as a means of payment last April 2017. Any company planning to open up shop in Japan should be prepared to meet the regulator requirements and receive approval from Japan’s FSA.


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