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The Central Bank of Cryptocurrency is holding its Summer Bitcoin Raffle. Two lucky winners will be drawn September 23, 2018 at 21:00 London Time. The winners will each receive a FULL Bitcoin sent to their Bitcoin wallet within 30 minutes of the draw.

How to qualify – to enter the raffle you need to be a registered active client of the Central Bank of Cryptocurrency. This means you must have either a loan, checking or savings account, an investment account or be an exchange client. If you are not a client of Central Bank of Cryptocurrency, see below for details.

How to enter the raffle – When you become a client you are issued a client account number for the service you acquired, you must use that client account number to register for the draw. You are allowed one entry per account number you have been issued. i.e. if you have a loan and a checking account with Central Bank of Cryptocurrency then you would have two separate client account numbers, which would allow you two (2) entries into the raffle.

Submit your Client Account Number/s – All you need to do to have your numbers add to the draw is to email in the subject section place Bitcoin Raffle and in the body of the message place your client ID numbers.

*Do not place your account number/s in the Subject Header for your protection.

“Good Luck to Everyone”

Details on how to become a client of the Central Bank of Cryptocurrency.

If you are not already a client of the Central Bank of Cryptocurrency its easy and fast to become one.

We offer all services that a bank does except our clients are cryptocurrency holders.

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