Top 10 Bitcoin APIs Revolutionizing The Market This Year


Since its invention back in 2008, bitcoin is seeing new heights every year. While consumers are taking interest into turning this cryptocurrency in their advantage, developers have started tinkering with APIs that will make dealing with bitcoin another step easier. These APIs have also enable the users to tap into the power of bitcoin.

Bitcoin APIs That Every Developer And User Should Start With

Coinbase API –The Coinbase API enables the developers to approach and combine the Coinbase functionality with other applications. This further helps to manage users’ information, checking amount and balances and transaction of money. Users can now instantly transfer the digital currency and make various kinds of payments. Coinbase boasts the name of one of the leading digital currency exchange with over 1 million consumer wallets and bitcoin transaction and storage across 190 countries.

Bitcoin Exchange Rates API – This is a free and completely trusted API used in searching and transforming the BTC exchange rates into general currencies.

CoinDesk API – provides the Bitcoin Price Index aka BPI programmatically via REST API. The pricing data is updated and calculated and shown into USD, EUR, and GBP. Users are free to use this API as per their need. This news site has specialized in bitcoin and other digital currencies and the calculation is done every minute.

BIPS API- This online payment service provider API enables the consumers to buy, trade, withdraw, send and accept bitcoins and receive the balance of their account. To use this API user must have an account and an API key. BIPS specializes in the technical aspect of bitcoin and provides services for merchants across 204 countries.

GetBalance API – This API helps the users to retrieve a balance from BIPS in either the form of bitcoin or a common currency.

Mt Gox API- Users are now able to trade bitcoin into US dollars or vice versa through Mt Gox API. It also allows them to check on public data and place orders. By the end of 2014, Mt Gox was handling over 70% of all bitcoin transactions worldwide. This has earned the exchange the position of the largest bitcoin intermediary and the world’s leading bitcoin exchange.

Bitcoin Charts API- BitcoinCharts API enables the developers to integrate the data related to the bitcoin network into their application. Through Bitcoin, Charts users can receive all kinds of financial and technical data about the Bitcoin network, including past and present market activities and exchange rates between bitcoin and other currencies.

Kraken API- Kraken is one of the leading Bitcoin trading platforms. Its API provides market data, user data, and information, and helps in placing trade orders. Kraken has been termed as “the world’s largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity”.

Bitfinex API- Bitfinex is a bitcoin trading platform that allows the users to take full advantage of the bitcoin wallets. It also helps the traders with margin trading. The Bitfinex API provides the access into the order book, the personal account data, and other functionality. An account, SSL, and an API key are used for security.

MixCoins API- The MixCoins is a global bitcoin exchange that provides a secure stage for selling and purchasing bitcoin transactions. The MixCoins API further allows the developers to develop applications via the RESTful platform and connect them to the Mixcoins trading portal.


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