Monero Mining Is Booming, And So the Same for Its Malware



Privacy is the first target of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are designed to put people in full control of their money without the intervention of any third party, whether government, bank or any control. Today the market offers many special currencies. In this article, we will talk about the highly privileged currency Monero XMR.

What is the Monero XMR?

Monero XMR is a proof-of-work currency, launched in April 2014 using the Crypto Note protocol. Evolved from Bitmonero and, originally, Byte coin. Monero XMR currency dimming in transactions whose value has been converted, send and receive addresses by default. This means that the transactions cannot be linked to a user or a real identity.

Penetrated Devices that mine Monero were Infected

The Gardecor security team has discovered a malicious crackdown on cryptocurrency manipulation, according to June 6 announcement. The campaign has hit more than 40,000 devices in various industries, including finance, education and government.

The Brawley Process used various techniques such as exploiting and obtaining a forced password to spread malware and control devices, such as Web servers, modems, and Internet devices (IoT). The Gardecor team found that the attackers behind Brawley focused on making money instead of ideology or espionage.

According to the report, the penetrating devices were infected with the Monroe mining program (XMR) and the r2r2 virus carrier, a malicious software that carried out brutal SSH attacks from penetrating devices and supported Brawley to influence new victims. In other words, by creating IP address blocks randomly, r2r2 tries to force SSH logins using the user / password dictionary, and after the intrusion runs a series of commands on the victim. The Gardecor team wrote:

“All the attacks worked the same way, as they continued with the same command and control server to load a number of attack tools named r2r2 along with a program for cryptocurrency mining.”

In addition, attackers used an open-source Web site called “WSO Web Shell” to change hacked Web sites to host malicious code that redirects visitors to the traffic distribution system, which redirects them to other malicious sites. After redirecting users to a fake website, users are the victim of clicking on malicious browser extensions. The Gardecor team said Brawley had managed to penetrate more than 9,000 companies.


How does the Monero XMR guarantee privacy?

The Monero XMR uses special signatures called Ring signature, Ring Confidential transactions, and stealth addresses to tamper with transaction details, starting and ending points. XMR coins are identical and cannot be linked to their origin using the blockchain explorer.



XMR is replaceable. This means that each currency is exactly the same. For biotech, each currency can be traced through its entire history and can be identified in illegal activities. This does not work with Monero, where you cannot trace the origin of each currency using the blockchain explorer.

Since transactions are private by default, as the number of transactions increases, layers of confusion increase. This develops the level of privacy and helps protect transactions from exposure to detection. This is a powerful feature because it means that the effectiveness of privacy will increase over time.




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