How to earn free Bitcoins with limited work


If you are confused about how to earn money with limited work and limited time spent, then with this article learn how to earn free Bitcoins through some simple work done and earn as much as you can.

Beginner’s guide to earning free Bitcoins in India

Bitcoins, or as we know the digital gold, is one of the most popular, secure and fastest digital money present in the cryptocurrency world. It’s just like owning actual money but the only difference is Bitcoins are not printed on paper or metal like Indian Money or Dollar or Euro etc. It’s a permission-less, decentralized, irreversible and secure means of earning digital money by which you can buy anything.

Unlike our present monetary system, in the cryptocurrency world, Bitcoins can be earned through the process of Bitcoin mining and the transaction history of each individual members are recorded by each peer of the network. This process makes the whole system so secure. It may seem that it can take a very long time to confirm a transaction because each peer of the network records each transaction. Then you may be astonished to know the fact that the whole confirmation process takes hardly 3 to 4 minutes and once confirmed it becomes unforgeable.

After lots of failures, in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto first invented the idea of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is the result of it. The whole mining process makes the Bitcoin blockchain system secure and it also highlights it as a very acceptable and fastest medium of earning digital money. In the digital mining process, there is a segment called Hash which is used by the miners to authenticate a blockchain transaction. This hash is also called as the digital seal which is generally a number and letter sequence, created by the miners by using unique mathematical code. Bitcoin mining process works with the help of creating a Hash. Once a miner creates a hash by his work, he gets paid with 25 Bitcoins and then and there the other miners get notified about this.

So if you ask when is the best time to invest in Bitcoins, then the answer should be a few years ago. Because today with technological modernization, the cryptocurrency world has also become very hard to reach. Competition is very fierce. A simple example could do the tricks here. In the year 2009, the price of one Bitcoin was approximately 0.40 INR or $.0001. But as of today, the price of one Bitcoin is approx. more than 10lakhs or $15000. So you can easily understand why the competition is tremendous and why the digital mining standard has become too much hard to achieve.

In India, till now it’s not so regular to earn money with Bitcoin. But in near future, it will be. So, despite the competition, if you want to earn money then join today. There are lots of ways to earn Bitcoins for free in India, by doing some simple works and spending a limited time. You can work anytime online to earn these Bitcoins. In exchange you have to do some works like captcha entering, writing short articles, clicking on ads or banners, doing short surveys, registering in some sites and translating an audio etc.

The most common three methods of earning Bitcoins are mining, trading, and Faucet working. The trading process a little bit risky. Because you have to invest primarily to enter into the trading process. After that with the help of digital brokers you can sell or buy money, shares, stocks, and commodities etc. This can sometimes go wrong and you can face some up and down in this process.

On the contrary, if you want to play a safe game then, you can always turn towards the faucet site working. At first, this faucet working, which is also called Bitcoins reward programme, started to inspire and attract people towards the cryptocurrency world. But these days, Faucet working has become very popular. It’s free, secure, no need for investment, and after completing your task you will be paid with Bitcoin currency Satoshi. There are some simple procedures and requirements to do this work. The first need is to create a free blockchain wallet account. Now below is the procedure to how to create a free wallet account.

At first, register with your email address and password to have your personal free wallet. Once you register, you will receive a very unique BTC address which is a combination of some numbers and letters. Now you are ready to earn free Bitcoins in your wallet.

Here are listed some popular sites to earn free Bitcoins daily. By only entering your BTC address and completing tasks you can earn as much as you want.

Some popular sites are: FreeBitcoin, Bit2coin, Hunter, Simples Ads, Bitbond, BitMinter, Coinsecure, BonusBitcoin, Field Bitcoin, Coinclix BTC, BitSilver etc.

With Bitcoin, earning money has become really easy. Within one hour of completing the task, you can get paid. There is no need to share your personal documents, no need to invest money, no need to get permission, and there is no boundary to earning. Our waiting days are over now. With Bitcoin earn money anytime, anywhere and have fun.



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