Bitcoin Loan


Bitcoin Loans

Going through Bitcoin4a you will get an extra 10 days free before you have to pay interest on your Cryptocurrency loan We make it easy for you. CBC offers 5 different loan terms, each with a different interest rate.

• 3 Months – 15% APR

• 6 Months – 13% APR

• 12 Months – 10% APR

• 18 Months – 9% APR

• 24 Months – 8% APR

You can borrow $250 all the way up to $100,000.

• No Credit Checks

• Same Day Approval

• Loans paid out within 24 to 72 hours

• No interest payment for the first 40 days

• 65% Loan to Value against secured collateral

• Low Interest Rates

• Multiple ways for your clients to receive money

• Monthly Interest only payments with a final balloon payment

 Paid in local currency including USD($), IDR(Rp), INR(₹) or AED(د.إ) GBP £;

So how does it work?

Your clients need to have cryptocurrencies to use as collateral to receive a CBC loan.

We offer your clients a 65% LTV, this means they will receive a 65% loan against your collateral. For easy maths it works like this: If you  send to CBC $10,000 worth of cryptocurrencies, they will receive a loan in the amount of $6,500.

Jump over to CBC and get your loan today.

Live chat 24 hours a day.


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